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Quality Policy

Using the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System to achieve excellence in our main areas of activity;

To increase the satisfaction of our customers with high quality products and services,

Continuously improving our processes, products and services by focusing on customer experience,

To follow the developments in the sector, to comply with the legal regulations and other applicable conditions and to guide the sector,

To strengthen the quality culture by encouraging excellence, participation, sharing and creativity among all Noven personnel through training, development and effective communication practices,

We aim to establish sustainable relationships based on trust with our business partners, suppliers and employees.

Information Security Policy

Our company provides services in the field of “Electrical, electronic, software, mechanical installation, design, sales, service, maintenance, consultancy and training services”. Our company is committed to protecting confidentiality, integrity and all physical and electronic information assets. Information and information security requirements will be in line with our corporate goals. Our company management will employ well-educated, competent personnel who are open to change, and will provide financing and sufficient equipment and infrastructure to compete with our competitors in the sector. This infrastructure and personnel will be provided along with the necessary financing. Business continuity and emergency plans, data backup procedures, avoiding viruses and hackers, access control systems and information security breach notification will form the cornerstones of our core activities. Vulnerabilities and threats identified as a result of risk assessments will be eliminated and secure access to the information of our customers and staff will be provided. In addition, as a result of risk assessments, we will determine our goals and provide the necessary resources and conditions to achieve these goals.

In order to realize this policy, primarily we expect our employees to adopt the Information Security Management System conditions as a way of working. It will be ensured that all personnel and certain third parties receive appropriate training regarding the Information Security Management System.
Applicable conditions regarding information security and the opportunities and requirements brought by these conditions will be fulfilled and these conditions will be constantly improved. In addition, our company, our staff and all relevant parties will be adapted to this system.

Our Information Security Policy is reviewed and updated with the participation of management and unit managers once a year or in case of significant changes regarding our company, to ensure its suitability, accuracy and effectiveness.

Personal Data Protection Law Policy

NOVEN ENERJİ will take security measures and pay due attention to the Confidential Information of our company and the personal information of its customers, business partners, suppliers and employees at least in ISO standards that it applies to its own confidential information and intellectual property information. In the use of NOVEN ENERJİ’s Confidential Information; It will not display or list all the user’s information collectively in order to hide or mask it by using a single parameter in systems containing information and to record accessible information.

When it comes to the Processing of personal data belonging to 3rd parties; it will act in accordance with all kinds of legislation regarding the use and processing, will observe the proportionality of the information accessed and the information needed, will not transfer personal data to external environments that may damage security, and will not transfer and process this data without written consent from 3rd parties regarding the processing of personal data.

It acknowledges and undertakes to comply with other provisions of legislation related to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, according to which all customer information and personal data are considered Confidential Information, to keep this information and data confidential indefinitely, to consider it as a duty of confidentiality, not to use, process, or transfer any information or personal data without written consent, to inform all employees in this regard and to take minimum security measures, to take all necessary precautions and additional measures requested by the company to prevent disclosure to a third party, and to ensure that Representatives accessing customer information and personal data comply with these obligations. It accepts, declares, and undertakes that Representatives shall be jointly and severally liable for any damages arising from their actions contrary to this provision.

Conflict Minerals Statement