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Noven Enerji

We offer practical solutions to the sector thanks to our easy-to-use products and services that manage the technical process in the fields of Remote Communication and Energy Management.


We Communicate with More than 50 Million Devices Around the World

20+ Years

Engineering and Sector Experience


Over 30 Thousand Products Working in the Field

With 20+ Years of Experience

RF Communication Solutions
In M2M Communications, we produce solutions such as LoRa and GSM as an alternative to FreeBand, which does not require an 868MHz license.
Software Solutions
While preparing Windows, Linux, Android and IOS Based software solutions for your IoT and M2M projects, we offer various SDK packages to your service.
Bluetooth Solutions
Our Optical Readers comply with IEC-62056 Protocol, we produce Bluetooth-based solutions for communication with devices such as handheld terminals and mobile phones.
Low Voltage (LV) - Medium Voltage (MV) - High Voltage (HV) Solutions
We offer project design, installation, consultancy, commissioning and fault-maintenance services of power plants LV, MV, HV systems.
Wired Communication Solutions
RS-232, RS485, USB, etc. to facilitate M2M data analysis. we offer data converter solutions.
R&D Consultancy Services
We provide consultancy to your R&D projects with our expert staff in the field.

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