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It is management software specially developed for Organized Industrial Zones. Thanks to the electricity, gas, water, science works, environment, collection and budget modules, all transactions within the OIZ can be performed from a single software. It has been used without any problems in various OIZs since its launch in 2019.

Proper with Regulations
Organik is designed in accordance with all regulations. In case of a change in the regulation, the software update is made immediately and becomes in accordance with the latest regulation.
Flexible Structure
It has an organik flexible structure. It can be easily integrated into existing accounting softwares or other softwares that is desired to be used.
Modular Structure
Thanks to its modular structure, all transactions within the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) can be managed through a single system.
Advanced Reporting
Data from the field can be easily filtered and detailed reports can be obtained according to modules. Download monthly consumption amounts as an Excel report. Create Botaş consumption report with one click.
We provide billing of your energy usages and we ensure that it is sent to the necessary organization on time.

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