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Noven Energy and Information TechnologiesQUALITY POLICY

Our Quality Policy reflects the expectation that all employees, at every level and in every function of the Company, are accountable for, and take personal ownership of quality,  objective to provide the highest level of quality to our customers.

We demonstrate personal ownership of quality by:

Satisfying our customers and other internal and external stakeholders

  • We continuously strive to understand their challenges and deliver quality solutions, products and services that meet their requirements.

Setting aggressive objectives for quality performance

  • We consider all steps of our processes – from start to finish – no matter what service, product or solution I am delivering.

Proactively identifying and solving problems every day

  • When we detect a quality problem, we stop the process immediately and seek resolution.

Taking risk and opportunities into account

  • We are committed to continuously improving the quality management system.

Having a zero defect mindset

  • We ensure quality by accepting no defects, making no defects, and passing no defects.